I'am Anand
Software Developer

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I'am Anand

Software Development Enthusiast. I have spent last 3 years pursing software development.

📫 I have worked on Frontend/Backend/Mobile app development, Blockchain development, Machine Learning

🔭 Faviourite programming languages: TypeScript, Python, C++, Go

🌱 Faviourite libraries/frameworks: React, React-Native, Next13, Nodejs Django, Sklearn

🗣️ We can talk if you speak: English, Hindi, Spanish, Bengali, Punjabi

💬 Contact me anytime on my social handles or drop you message below


Django | Flask
React | Next 13
React Native | Fluttler
MongoDB | PostgreSQL
Blockchain | Solidity
Typescript | Javascript
Machine Learning


Global Research Intern
Mitacs '23
May 2023 - July 2023
  • Understand the core technologies in blockchain construction
  • Explore the use of blockchains to store real-time learning related activities
  • Design an analysis of a subset of consensus algorithms for EduOps applications
Software Developer
Blaze AI
Feb 2022 - Apr 2023
Remote / USA
  • Build analytics for large customer support tickets dataset for web3 companies. Established end to end twitter integration.
  • Lead the revamping and integration of an aquired software on main product.
  • Tech Stack - NextJs/React, Python/Flask, Snowflake, AWS
See Certificate
Summer Research Intern
National Blockchain Project
May 2022 - July 2022
Remote / Kanpur
  • Worked on Ethereum smart contracts
  • Worked on React Native app which provides a solution for verifying all the digital credentials and storing them
  • Tech Stack - React Native, Solidity
Software Developer Intern
Jan 2022 - Feb 2022
Remote / Bangalore
  • Developed desktop application for creating transcripts in meetings/video calls in realtime and generate meeting summary
  • Tech Stack - ElectronJs, Python
See Certificate
Software Developer Intern
Yojak - Bizcon Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
July 2021 - Oct 2021
  • Migrate React Native Yojak App from Redux Saga to Redux Toolkit
  • Published open source react table component library on NPM
  • Tech Stack - React Native, NextJs, Python/Django
See Certificate
Frontend Developer Intern
Triti - Growth Source Financial Technologies
Nov 2020 - Dec 2020
  • Created landing page and lead generation form
  • Worked on initial internal team dashboard page to manage leads
  • Tech Stack - Gatsby/React, Material-UI, Firebase, AWS
See Certificate


Blaze AI
Yojak Exports
Stickman game - VanillaJS
Frontend Kanban Assignment
Heart Disease Prediction (Machine Learning)
Fake News Detection System (Machine Learning)
Google Calender and Meeting Scheduler
  • Used Google Cal API to fetch personal calender using OAuth.
  • Representation of Calender events graphically in React App.
  • Lets you know the best time to schedule a new meeting for your convenience.
React Table Component (Open Source UI utils library)
  • Published on NPM a general table component which can handle all the major possiblities with minimal amount of code
  • Made typescript enabled and can be used in and react based framework
ESChill - E-Scrapbook for friends - Sept 2020
A website for a group of friends to store their memories
  • Tech Stack - HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Heroku


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